Frequently asked questions & helpful tips....


General - The pendant light I bought is not the correct length, can this be changed?

General - I thought normal style globes have been banned, why are they still available?

General - Can I use a dimmer on any light?

General - I have a raked or angled ceiling will my light hang right? 


Ceiling Fans - What is the difference between timber blades and metal blades?

Ceiling Fans - Can I put a ceiling fan outside and which is best for this purpose?

Ceiling Fans - I want a remote control fan, how do I do that?

Ceiling Fans - I have very high ceilings, what height should the fan be installed?

Ceiling Fans - How does Summer / Winter mode work on a ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fans - I have decorative ceiling rose, how do I install a ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fans - Can I attach a light to a ceiling fan?

Ceiling Fans - What are DC Ceiling fans all about?


Downlights - There are so many new LED downlights, what should I look out for?

Downlights - Can I change my halogen downlight globe to a new LED globe?

Downlights - Are LED's dimmable?

Downlights - Do LED's need transformers like Halogen downlights?

Downlights - I have concrete ceilings, can I use LED downlights?

Downlights - Do halogen downlights cause fires?

Downlights - Do I need a heat guard over LED globes?

Downlights - What is an IC-F rating on an LED downlight?


Exterior Lights - I have heard that lights cannot be close to a swimming pool, is this correct?

Exterior Lights - What is an IP rating?

Exterior Lights - How do I clean and maintain Stainless steel?

Exterior Lights - What are the different grades of Stainless steel and how do they differ?

Exterior Lights - I need a sensor, can this be connected to any light?

Exterior Lights - Can a sensor be mounted in the full rain and weather?

Exterior Lights - Should garden lighting be Low voltage or work on mains power?



Exhaust / Heaters - What should I look for when buying an exhaust fan?

Exhaust / Heaters - What is a draft stopper?

Exhaust / Heaters - Should I buy a large or small bathroom heater unit?

Exhaust / Heaters - Can I get an energy efficient bathroom heater?


Transformers - What are they and why are they used?

Transformers - What are the different types - what does type A,B & C mean?

Transformers - How do I work out the size and how many lights it can run?

Transformers - How does SERIES and PARALLEL wiring work??


Garden Lighting - Tilly's Lights Garden Lighting Guide?

Garden Lighting - What is the Lumenesk Garden Lighting system?

Garden Lighting - See the Lumenesk Garden lighting instructional videos.