0-10volt Wall Dimmer Unit (Demeris)

This is a 0-10volt Wall mounted dimmer that suits most standard Australian switch plates.  This can only be used with a 0-10volt dimming driver and must not be connected to 240volt.  Simply connect this dimmer across the 0-10volt connection points on a 0-10volt Dimmer unit or dimmable driver and it will control the the brightness of the LED strip.

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0-10volt Dimmer Unit (CLA Demeris)


  • 0-10volt Rotary style dimmer
  • Suits most standard Australian switch plates.
  • Max load - 10v / 40ma
  • IP20 Rated
  • Max cable length 50m
  • Soft start
  • 2 year warranty

Connection: When used in the wall plate in a house, the red and black wires need to be extended and go directly up the wall into the 0-10volt input on the drimmer unit.  It must not be connected to the ligthing circuit inside the switch as this is 240volt and will blow the device. 

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