5050 LED Strip RGB - IP20 Non Coat - 14.4w12VDC

RGB Strip is colour changing strip, it uses Red , Green and Blue leds to make up to 16 different colours..  It uses a controller (purchased separately) to control the strip to produce the different colours colours.  This strip is IP20 rated which suits indoor use only 

This strip can produce white light but this is a blend of the Red, Green and Blue Led,s it is great at producing the colours but if you want white light also you might want to look at RGBWW Strip which includes a white LED chip along with the Red, Green and Blue led lights. 

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Specifications -

  • 5050 LED Chip Set - RGB (Red / Green / Blue)
  • 12Volt DC
  • 14.4watts / per/m (When all colours on together)
  • IP20 Rated - 
  • Comes on 5m roll (sold per/m)
  • Maximum length joined together - 7m
  • Can be cut to size
  • Cut marks every 5cm
  • Supplied with 3m Adhesive tape
This strip creates a blend of the 3 different colours. Red for RedLight, Blue for Blue light, Green for Green light, Red and Blue for Purple Light, Green and Blue for Aqua light etc etc.  To make white light it blends all the colours together.  You must use a controller with is product to control the light via a remote control. 
There is a limit to the length of LED strip that can be used on one controller, if you require more that 7 metres of LED strip an amplifier will need to be used.  This gets a little more complicated so please contact the store on how best to set up your colour changing strip.

A driver is required to power this LED Strip, Make sure the driver is big enough to power the length of strip.  Driver is sold separately

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Dimming: RGB colour changing strip requires a controller to change the colours, this controller can also dim the strip up and down.

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