Sahara 4in1 Bathroom Heater - Black

This is a new type of Bathroom heater, instead of the traditional bathroom heaters that use an infrared heat lamp to produce heat that is radiated down onto your body, the Sahara blows hot air like a hair dryer.  The blast of hot air comes from one corner of the unit and does not effect the exhaust fans ability to remove the cold moist air.

The hot air produced by the unit takes air from the room in,  heats it,  then blows it out again,  this helps reduce the moisture in the room also aiding in steam reduction.

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  • Steel Construction
  • Plastic Front Grille
  • 240volt
  • IPX2 Rated
  • 5year warranty
  • 20watt LED Panel
  • Approx 1500 Lumens
  • 4000K Natural White
  • No Dimming
  • 55watt Exhaust Motor
  • 380cbm/hr Airlow
  • 150mm Side Duct Outlet
  • Draft stopper included
  • Heat source- 1100watts Low / 2000watts High
  • Heat fan motor - 40watts
  • Cut Out size - 525mm x 342mm
  • Fascia size - 537mm x 370mm
  • Min Install depth - 200mm
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