**Sphere95 25w BC Vintage Globe (9B2214)

This is a Carbon Filament Clear G95 LED Globe - Part of the G95 (95mm Decorative globe) range.  It has a 25watt Carbon filament surrounded by a clear outer glass.  It has a BC, B22 Bayonet Base.  240volt rated (This globe is not dimmable).

Carbon filament lamps have that great look about them, there are numerous carbon filaments zig zagging up and down the globe creating that unique look we all love.  However please note that carbon filament lamps are just like old light globes, they are usually only rated to around 2000hrs, and they are not enregy efficient like LED lighting.

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  • G95 Glass Size
  • 240volt
  • Dimmable
  • 25watt
  • Carbon Filament
  • BC (B22) Lamp Base

Carbon Filament lamps are just traditional light globes, they are made the same way we made light globes in the 50's, 60's and 70's, prior to Fluorescent and LED globes.  These decorative globes have more filament inside them to achieve the zig zag pattern that everybody has come to love.

There is an importing ban on old inefficient carbon filament globes above 25watts so we cannot supply this type of lamp higher than a 25watt globe.  So if you love the look of these globes you have to accept the softer light output.

LED Globes will acheive a brighter light output to these carbon filament globes however they cannot make an LED globe with the same numerous zig zagging filaments, you will find LED globes only have 4 or 6 50mm LED bars inside them to try and achieve the same look. 

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