Star3 Driver & Connector 6-12w 700ma CC

This Driver is a 700ma Constant Current Driver designed to run the Satr3 starlights... it comes with a connector block that allows quick and easy connection of the starlights.  When multiple lights are connected to a constant current driver the lights need to be connected in Series... the connector block allows connection of the light and ensures series wiring, just make sure a loop wire is located in any connection points that don't have a light connected. 

This driver can take 2, 3 or 4 starlights, it will not run a single light or more than 4. 

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  • 240volt Input
  • Flex and Plug included
  • IP20 Rated
  • Constant Current Type Driver
  • 700ma Output
  • Load 9- 12 watts (3 or 4 Star3 starlights)
  • Fully dimmable
  • complete with 6 way connector block

Learn more about SERIES and PARALLEL wiring here...

Special Notes:

If LED Lights are accidently connected in Parallel instead of Series, the LED will very likely fail.  

Power must be switched OFF when connecting and disconnecting LED lights, If connection or disconnection is done with the driver energised the LED will very likely fail.

If the Driver was powered up without a load, switching off the driver is not enough, short the output terminals together to ensure the internal capacitors have lost all charge.  If not,  even with the Driver turned off the internal capacitors can hold a charge that will blow the LED when connected.

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