XSEN004MW- Invisible Microwave Sensor

This is a great sensor to use when you don't want to see a sensor...  Most sensors are a visible item that needs to go on the ceiling or wall near the light you want to turn on.  This handy sensor removes the actual sensor from the control equipment, so you can put the control box in the ceiling and drill a small hole in the ceiling to mount the sensor only.  The most you will see is a 7mm dark dot on your ceiling from the hole you drilled. 

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  • 240volt  
  • White Plastic Enclosure
  • IP20 Rated
  • Max Load - 1200watts Incandescent or 300watt energy saving
  • 360degree detection area
  • range 1 - 8m
  • 10 second - 12 minute adjustable time setting
  •  Adjustable Lux setting
  • Microwave technology
  • Housing size - 98 x 50 x 28mm
  • Sensor diameter - 6.5mm
  • Sensor cable length - 600mm

There are 3 settings that can be adjusted on the back of the sensor housing. Time, Sensitivity and Lux

Time: This changes the length of time the light will remian on for after activations

Sensitivity: This will change the range of which the sensor triggers. 1 - 8m

Lux: This setting can be adjusted to control the level of darkness it needs to be before it starts to activate, this setting stops the sensor from activating during the day and will only activate when it reaches a certain level of darkness.

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