FQA - Shipping Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:  Shipping & Freight

I want to purchase a product but it won't let me continue past the post code entry?

We have found that our products vary greatly in physical size and weight which makes calculating shipping very difficult, added to that we are based in Western Australia so freight is always going to be higher that east coast freight.

We have designed a freight calculator which assess the box size of the items you are trying to purchase and the location you live (Postcode).  If the box is too big, or has a high risk of being damaged then we have set the calculator to not proceed with the sale as we cannot freight the goods to you.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, these items can be picked up in store but we know this will not suit eastern states customers. (we have had a very high breakage rate with freight items of late.)


Will you ship goods all over Australia?

Yes we can ship goods all over Australia provided they are not flagged as an item that will be too large to ship (causing the freight to be very high) or too delicate and at risk of breakage.

Our Freight calculator will also determine the freight value based on your postcode, unfortunately we need to charge a surcharge for postcodes outside the metro areas.


Will you ship goods overseas?

No sorry, we are not setup to send goods out of Australia.


I am not in Perth and can't seem to buy a Table lamp online?

Sorry but due to a high rate of breakage and dented shades we have decided not to freight any table lamps, online orders will need to be collected at the store.