Oyster Lights

Oyster lights are used very widely throughout the home, they are a popular choice for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Hallways.  They are also sometimes used and the main light in a bathroom.

Be sure to check on your dimming requirements as some of the oysters now come with Step dimming which elimnates the need for a dimmer switch, but some also cannot be used with a dimmer switch.


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22 products in Total

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Oyster Lighting

Oyster lighting also known as surface mounts, ceiling lights or flush mounts. They are known for these terms as they are directly attached to the ceiling. They are a great space saver, leaving walls clear for more artwork and pictures.

Oyster lights are great options as they are both cost efficient and energy saving making them an ideal choice for any room of your home. Although there are endless amounts of different lighting options and styles, Oyster lighting continues to be a popular option for inexpensive home lighting.

The reason they continue to stay a popular choice is because fo their simplistic designs but great functionality. They provide warm and welcoming light which completely illumiates the room. They are installed flush to the ceiling making them a great space saver, allowing you to style the room completely how you want without th light fittings getting in the way. We also have a semi-flush Oyster lighting range that comes in a variety of styles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What room do Oyster lights go in?

Oyster lights are very versatile and can fit into many spaces. They are flush to the ceiling but provide great light output, making them go great in either a kitchen or a bathroom. However the ones with dimmable features are great for a living room or bedroom where you are looking for more ambient lighting.

Do Oyster lights have LED options?

Yes, we offer a range of Oyster lights with inbuilt LED. Led is a great option as they are energy efficient and last much longer. This is great for way to save on power bills! LED light approximately last around 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Modern LED Oyster lights have a longer life span than the traditional lighting options. LED is the future of lighting, not only being more energy efficient than regular lighting but also having a much longer lifespan. Saving you more money and being all around more convenient.

Are Oyster lights dimmable?

Yes, some of the Oyster lights we offer here at Tilly’s are dimmable. Dimmable is a great as it allows for great control over the room atmosphere. Whether you are watching a movie with a low light or a bright light for playing a board game, dimmable lights allow for the perfect lighting for every activity. To check whether the Oyster light you are interested in is dimmable, this simply click on the product and then the product description tab to read about its features.

How do you change an Oyster light?

As Oyster lights can have a high voltage, in most cases it is best to get an electrician to safely change over the light. However, if your Oyster lights are lower voltage the process is to change is simple. You remove the screens from the back of the light and switch it over.

Do Oyster lights come in different designs and colours?

Yes! Tilly’s Lighting solutions offers a wide range Oysters lights with many different colours and designs to choose from. Whether you are looking for a circle or square, black or white, we have you covered. The wide selection of the lights makes them a great option for every room, being able to fit into any style and aesthetic.

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