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Touch Table lamps

Touch Table lamps are not only functional but can also be a great design piece too. There are many different functionality and design aspects when looking for the perfect lamp. Tilly’s lighting solutions offer a wide range assuring you will find one that not only fits your aesthetic but also fits in perfecting into your home.

Touch table lamps bring ultimate functionality and ease to your home. A touch-sensitive lamp is one that is activated (turned on) by touch rather than having to flick on a switch. These lamps are a very popular option on your nightstand or on your study desk.

Choosing the right table lamp

  • Shape of the table lamp- The overall shape is one of the most important aspects you can look at when going to purchase a table lamp. There are many different shapes currently available including rectangular, circle, square, you name it! Touch lamps are perfect on your night stand and can be a great addition to the bedroom.
  • Width and height- Width is important, as you want to make sure the lamps fit and look good on the surface you plan to place it. Same goes with height, you don’t want to choose a table lamp which overpowers the space by being too big.
  • Colour and material- Tilly’s lighting solutions offer a wide range of table lamps in many different colours and materials. From bold to neutrals, there are an endless number of options. With touch lamps they have a touch base which can either contrast or match It is essential to have a good idea on where you are wanting to place the lamp before purchasing as you can match the lamp to your interior

CLARA Touch Table Lamp RangeBankers ANT Brs Touch Lamp incl USB Charger LL-14-0019AB

Frequently asked questions

Are touch lamps any good?

Touch lamps not only provide great functionality of an easy turn on and off but also the design makes them a more durable and reliable lighting option. Common lamps with external light switches can become very dirty and dusty overtime and are more prone to hazard. Touch lamps removes this risk with its design.

What is the use of a touch lamp?

The main function of table lamps is to provide lighting and to illuminate a space. You can place table lamps in many different areas including bedrooms, living rooms and office spaces. They are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes

Can a lamp be too big for a table?

Yes, a lamp can be too big for a table. You do not want the lamp shade or base to sitt out over the sides of the table creating an uneven look.

Generally, the lamp shade should be smaller than the overall width of the table and doesn’t stand too tall.

Are touch table lamps bad for your eyes?

Table lamps are not bad for your eyes. They do not directly cause any damage. On the contrary, having a lamp on while you are for example watching tv or on your phone may help reduce the strain in your eyes as your eyes are not fixated on the tv or phones screen.

Do touch table lamps have to match?

Table lamps definitely don’t have to match. This really comes down to personal preference. While some really like the matchy matchy look, others find that contrasting table lamps bring great style. Choosing either a cohesive or contrasting look is totally fine.

Are touch table lamps still in style?

Table lamps are still very much in trend and have been so for a very long time. With the wide range of versatile styles and colours making them very adaptable allowing for them to stay on trend. Whether you are looking for something bold, simple, vintage, modern, there will be a table lamp that suits you.

Along with the style elements keeping them in style, it is also the useability. The functionality of being able to turn on your lamp with a touch of a finger is the main reason touch lamps stay in trend.

Libby Chr/Wht Touch Table Lamp LL-14-0067CH/WH Libby Chr/BlackTouch Table Lamp LL-14-0067CH/WH