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Tilly's Lights - Your Lighting Expert

Tilly's Lights are celebrating 25 years this spring, we have been in business now for 25 years and grown over the years to be the premier lighting store in Perth.  We have focused on creating a great shop with a huge range to showcase the many different styles of lights on offer, with a flair for displays and picking styles that are on trend we have a beautiful showroom that is worth coming to see.

On-line shopping is going strong but decorative lighting is a product that you still need to see first hand to truly appreciate the design, Crystal chandeliers never look great in a photo and nothing beats coming in to the showroom to see the product  and admire the sparkle a photo can't capture.

Our Story - 25 years

Tilly's Lights was once small store in Osborne Park called Budget Lighting, Tilly and Jim Finlay bought this store after they moved away from the carpet industry and re-branded the store as Tilly's lights, all that was back in 1993.  The store was less than half the size it is today and with a small storeroom taking up some of the display area Jim and Tilly slowly built the business up.  After about  5 years the shop next door became available and Tilly's lights was expanded more than doubling the showroom, we even have the warehouse underneath the shop. 

Brett the son joined the store along the way and now in our 25th year we also have Wayne the son in-law part of the team.  Each year we work hard to have a great selection and with our trips to China we also look for something diffferent to offer so you the customer has more choice than the other lighting shops out there.

Brett and Wayne have big plans so Tilly's lights will continue to grow and have great lights to offer...   


Tilly's Lights is located in Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia


ABN: 98079 422 763

4a / 443 Scarborough Beach Road

Osborne Park, Perth, WA