Garden Lighting Effects

Garden lights can achieve different lighting effects so it is important to think about what you are lighting up and how you want to light it. The illustrations below can help explain where the light will go and how this will light an object up.

Tree Illustration

Spotlights are used widely and will light any tree or palm beautifully, Place them at the base of the tree and aim the light up the trunk into the foliage.  These spotlights can reach a height of 4 - 6 metres easily.

The models that achieve this result are the

Capo, Miami, Rasa, Maho & Rico

Tree Illustration If your tree is really big then the smaller spotlights might not achieve the level of light you were hoping for.  You might need the Maxi.  The maxi is capable of reaching heights of 15 metres.
Bollard Illust

Bollard Lights tend to throw their light in an arc radiating out from the light itself, it is important to note that this light will light the ground level which is great for pathways, unlike spotlights which only light up into the trees.

The models that can achieve this are the Cayman, Jaki, Puka and Balos.

Fairy Illust Fairy lights create a beautiful feature in any tree, the only way to achieve the small lights scattered through a tree are with the fairy lights.
Inground Illust Inground lights ar egreat at highlighting the edge of a deck or shining up a pillar from the ground up. However please note that inground lights will shine up into the sky and not light the area unless there is a pillar or wall to wash the light up.  It is also worth noting that if using this type of light by a step, watch they don't shine in your eye obscuring your view of the step. Led Strip Illust

LED Strip is great at creating a constant run of light rather than spots of light like the garden spotlights.

Be sure to conceal the strip, it is always better to see the wash of light from the strip rather than the strip itself.

Port Illust

The Port is a garden spike on a tall post, this allows it to be mounted beside a pathway and shine back onto the path to create the lighting effect in the illustration.

The port can also be useful when you need a garden spike light to get above a hedge or some smaller plants that would otherwise block the light if located down at ground level.

Pond Illust You need a pond light to achieve this effect, submerge the lights in the water and shine back up at the feature.
Alora Illust The Alora is the only light which will acheive this light, The top hat design shields the light from the eye, only lighting down on the plants or a pathway. Step Illust Step lights mounted on the wall are a great way to light steps, they light down only onto the surface of the step, while the light itself shield the eye from the bright light source.