Garden Lighting - Drawing a plan


It is always easier if you start with a plan of your garden lighting.  This will help you work out how many lights will be on the system, and how many cables you will require.

1.    Start by locating where you can plug in a driver...

2.    Then work out which light you would like to use and position them on the plan.

3.   Now mark on the plan the measurement between each of the items on the plan.  (as shown below)

Note: The measurement needs to be the path the cable will take, as this will decide which extension cables we need for the job.

4.   Now that we know the distances involved we can work out some extension cables required.

5.   With the extension cables on the plan, we can easily see what Splitter cables we need to create branches in the cable, add these to your plan.

6.   That's the plan done, we can now write a list of the parts we need...  

Remember the great thing about our system is if you get it wrong, you can just undo the cables and re-configure a section if you find a better way to run the cable.