0-10v Dimmer Unit - 96w 12vDC

This is a LED Dimmer unit designed to be used to Dim LED strip.  This unit is wired between the Driver and the LED strip and will dim the 12V DC output of the driver.  The dimming control is acheived by the use of a 0-10volt Dimmer Dial that is wired to the controller then installed int he switch plate like a normal dimmer or switch.

This unit is the same as other remote control dimming units but instead of a remote control that can be lost or run out of batteries, this unit is controlled by dial on the wall similar to any other dimmer in your house.

The 0-10volt dimmer unit needs to be purchased separately and needs to be wired directly to the Receiver unit.

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  • 5VDC - 24VDC input
  • IP20 Rated
  • Output is dimmed
  • Total load is 8 amps (12VDC = 96watts)
  • Length 135mm
  • Height 33mm
  • Width 54mm


  • Power IN +/-
  • Load OUT +/-
  • Dimming input - 0-10volt

The dimming input is a  0- 10volt input meaning a potentionmeter needs to be connected across this input. When the potentiometer sets the voltage to 1v - the lights will be at 10% brightness, whent he potentiometer is set to 4volts then the lights will be at approx 40% brightness etc.

The 0-10volt dimmer is a part we sell separately, a link to the part is included here. 

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