3528 LED Strip 4K - IP20 Non Coat- 4.8w 12VDC

This LED strip uses the 3528 LED Chipset, drawing 4.8watts per metre.  This product is IP20 rated and does not come with any protective coating.  This strip is best suited in indoor applications and away from wet areas. 

The 3528 LED strip is a versatile strip  and examples of use for this strip are: 

  • Recessed coffered ceiling lighting
  • Under benchtop lighting
  • Under bathroom vanity lighting
  • Wall washing

Price is Per / Metre

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3528 IP20

Specifications -

  • 3528 LED Chip Set
  • 12Volt DC
  • 4.8watts / per/m
  • Comes on 5m roll (sold per/m)
  • Maximum length joined together - 12m
  • Can be cut to size
  • Cut marks every 5cm
  • Supplied with 3m adhesive tape
  • Available in 3000K Warm White / 4000K Natural White & Blue

A driver is required to power this LED Strip, Make sure the driver is big enough to power the length of strip.  Driver is sold separately

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Dimming: This strip can be dimmed two ways...  Use a 12volt DC dimmable driver (Limited number of these available) or use a 12 volt dimmer connected after the driver and before the strip, a 12volt dimmer will adjust the voltage from the driver before it gets to the strip making it dim.

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