Airbus 300 White SQR Exhaust Fan

The Airbus 300 Exhaust Fan is an extremely powerful exhaust fan designed for high steam issues in Bathrooms and ensuites.  This fan is designed with high static pressure meaning it can maintain its high airflow with up to 10m of ducting installed, where many other designs lose airflow as ducts are added and particularly long duct runs.

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Airbus 300 High Airflow Exhaust Fans - Specifications

  • Unsurpassed air extraction
  • Designed to maintain airflows with upt o 10m of ducting
  • Clean slimline white face plate
  • 106watt motor
  • 240volt
  • supplied with flex and plug
  • 550cbm/hr** Airflow
  • Noise Level 43db
  • IPX4 Rated
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Grille size 326mm
  • Cut out size 296mm
  • Min install depth 220mm
  • Duct outlet size 150mm (No ducting included)

**The Airflow of the Airbus range of fans have been measured using an international standard that is not widely used in measuring fans, while most fans are quoted on their airflow measured in the factory.  This international standard presents airflows lower than the factory standard however these fans perform well above competing models.

Special Note: The Airbus 300 is not part of the Airbus Mix & Match range and cannot have any of the other Airbus face plates fitted onto it.  The Round or Square face plate is included in the box a s a complete unit.

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