BW RGB Strip controller - Remote 12Vdc

The RGB colour changing controller is used to control the colour of RGB strip.  This is just the cotroller, the strip needs to be purchased separately along with any driver required.  This remote control unit can change the strip from any static colour through to colour flashing and colour fading modes.

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  • RGB Strip Controller and Remote handset
  • 12vDC Input
  • Red / Green / Blue outputs
  • Total load 144watts
  • 130mm long x 65mm wide x 25mm high

Remote functions

  • ON / OFF button
  • Colour wheel - touch any part of the wheel to get a static colour.
  • B+, B- controls the dimming
  • S+, S- controls the speed of the colour changing modes.
  • M+, M- Changes between static colours, colour flashing and colour fading modes.


This Controller is only used with RGB colour changing strip.

If the power drawn by the strip is greater than the total load of the controller an amplifier may need to be used.  An amplifier takes the signal fromt he controller and applies that to subsequeent lengths of RGB strip, that way you can use one remote control to control multiple lengths of strip, the amplifier will make sure the strip all stays in sync particularly when in colour changing modes.

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