ES-IRS01 Infra Red Door Switch 12vdc

This handy door activated switch can be used to turn low voltgae led strip on and off when a door is opened and closed.  Great for use in a walk in robe or pantry.  Simple mount he door switch with in 8cm of the door that is to trigger it and when the door is opened the LED lights will turn ON.  when the door is closed again it will switch OFF.

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  • Aluminium Construction
  • 12vDC
  • Total load 72watts
  • IP20 Rated
  • Comes with Male and Femal DC Power sockets
  • Infrared activated, Off when door closed, on when door opens
  • Comes with velcro mounting pad.
  • Size 38mm long x 30mm wide x 9mm high
  • Activated area - 90mm


Mount this within 5cm of the door that will activate the switch.  Door needs to be about 9 cm from the switch housing to activate.

This switch is best used to turn ON and OFF LED strip.  Connect the LED strip to the output of ths door switch and provide 12v DC to the input of the dor switch.  Open and close the door to test the circuit.

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