ES-TDS01 Touch Dimmer Switch 12vdc

Handy simple to use touch switch to control LED strip, great for mounting a switch on a desk to control some LED task lighting.  Simply touch the switch with your finger to switch the lights on, touch it again to turn it off.  Hold your finger on the switch to control the dimming.

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  • Touch Dimmer Switch
  • Aluminium Construction
  • 12vDC Input
  • IP20 Rated
  • Male and Female DC socket  (In& Out)
  • Total Load 72watts


  • Touch once - Turns ON
  • Touch once more - Turns OFF
  • Hold finger on the switch - Dims Up
  • Hold inger on the switch again - Dims Down.
  • While dimming stop at desired level.
  • If turned off then back on it will remember the last dim setting.

This switch is very simple to use, simply provide 12vDC into the touch switch and connect the LED strip to the output.  Switche the 12v source on and leave on, use the touch switch to control the switching on and off and the dimming.

Note: The switch activates by capacitance, there is no tactile press of a switch, just simply touch the aluminaium part of the switch to activate it.  If you hold the switch on one hand and try to activate it with the other it will not work because your hand holding the switch will confuse the sensor.It needs to me mounted to a surface and simply touched with one finger at a time to activate it.

Use the Velcro adhesive pad to mount the switch to a surface, it cannot be connected directly to a metal frame, there must be an insulating separator (ie the velcro pad) when mounted on a metal frame.  

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