EXT-001- Sml Recessed Alum Extrusion

Aluminium Extrusion used for LED strip lighting, comes with end caps and opal diffusers.  Mount the Extrusion, then fit the LED strip, lastly snap the opal cover in place. EXT-001 is suitable for recessed installations.  Charge per meter. (comes in 2m Lengths but can be cut)

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EXT-001 Recessed Extrusion - Specifications:

  • Aluminium construction
  • Plastic opal diffuser
  • End caps supplied
  • 23.1mm wide x 8.8mm deep
  • Small wings aid recessed installation.
  • Charge per meter. (comes in 2m Lengths but can be cut)

Note: This extrusion is very shallow at only 8mm, there is not a great distance between the LED strip and the opal diffuser. The dots from the LED strip can still be visible in the opal diffuser.  If you prefer a smoother more consistant light without the dots of light, choose the deep extrusion EXT-003 and EXT-004.

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