Flexi Strip PINK 9.6w/pm 12VDC IP67 per meter

Flexi Neon LED Pink Strip is a type of LED strip lighting, however this type of strip illuminates in a bright neon style light and produces a consistent line of light (no dotting) making it great for writing signs or outlining a picture.

This Flexi strip is pink, and also available in 10 colours and can be cut every 1cm making it very versatile. It runs on a safe 12volt DC power source making it very DIY, however a driver will need to be purchased separately to power the strip. This strip is available on 5m rolls but is sold by the meter. (Price indicates per metre).

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  • 12volt DC Input Power (Driver sold separately)
  • 9.6watt per/metre
  • IP67 Rating (* See Note*)
  • Flexible Silicon construction
  • Undercover use only (UV or sunlight may effect the colour of the strip)
  • Cut marks every 1cm (10mm)
  • Will require a soldered connection at each cut mark to power the strip.
  • Pink Colour
  • Height 12mm
  • Width 6mm


* IP67 is the waterproof rating, which is quite high, however this rating is only maintained if the cut end is filled with silicon after cutting and the silicon end cap is used.  This level of waterproofing is not required if mounting Flexi strip indoors.

We say that this product is DIY (Do It Yourself), however it is worth noting if you plan to cut the strip into lots of smaller lengths then a soldering iron (and some soldering skills) are required to connect an electrical connection to each cut end.

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