KRS Suspension Power Cable (Braided)

This is a decorative slim low voltage electrical cable - used on modern fittings to hide the power feed.  Can only be used as Low voltage cable - does not comply with Australian standards for use with 240volt.  Single inner core surrounded by outer braid and clear insulator.

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  • Low voltage braided cable
  • Insulated inner core 1 x 0.5mm
  • Braided outer core
  • Clear insulator
  • Can be used for 12VDC or 24VDC applications
  • Inner core used as Positive
  • Outer braid must be turned into the negative wire by twisting together.
  • Outside Diameter 2.7mm


This cable has not been tested to destruction so we don't know the maximum current it can carry.  However we have used this cable for 2 years now as the power cable on long linear pendants we assemble in house.  These pendants typically have a current draw of 7.5 amps (90watts) @ 12VDC and we have not had a failure of the wire yet.  The cable does not appear to even get warm.

Loading the cable higher than 100watts is not recommended as we cannot guarantee the performance of the cable.



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