LM Festoon Only 10m String - 3000K 12V

12volt  - 10m Long string of Festoon lights - Our replaceable 12volt LED Filament lamps create a soft ambiance to any outdoor area , just string them up, power them with a 12VDC driver and your away, completely DIY.

This is for the String only (globes included), driver and any extension cables need to be purchased separately.  We have a full kit on offer, however this particule item is for the strin only.

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Festoon - Specifications.

  • 10m String of Festoon Lights
  • Black heavy duty wire
  • Hanging points on each globe
  • 750mm Spacing
  • Safe 12VDC low voltage design
  • Comes with the lumensk connector
  • 15 x LED filament globes included.
  • 10m String power draw - 9watts
  • approx 0.6wattts per globe.


Our design is Low voltage meaning it is safe to use over a pool or if for some reason a globe breaks it will remain safe as the power flowing through the system is a safe low voltage like a car battery.

 Our globes are replaceable, if  a globe fails we can replace the globe rather than discarding the entire string like others ont he market.

Our globes are only 0.6watts each, this might not sound like much but we have tested many globes and found this to be the best wattage to achieve a nice amient light level over an outdoor area or sitting area, more powerful than this and we find the overall light level is too bright.

Longer kits.

Up to 4 strings can be joined together to make it 40metres long, be sure to use a driver big enough to power the extraload of 4 string connected together.

If you require 20m long, it is best to buy a full 10m Kit with 20watt driver included, this driver is powerful enough to power 20m of Festoon lighting.

If you require longer than 20m, it is best to buy the 10m string only and then purchase a driver separatelt that is big enough to power the 3 or 4 sets you want to join together.

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