Lumenesk 150w 13.5VDC Driver DRV150

This Driver is part of the Lumenesk range of garden lights - it has a 12volt DC output perfect for powering low voltage garden lighting.  It comes with  the Lumenesk quick connector to make it connect seemlessly with the Lumenesk garden lighting range.  This is the 150watt size which can run upto 28 lights (depending on the wattage, always calculate the maximum load that will be applied to the driver)  

This driver is IP67 weatherproof which makes it suitable for outdoor garden lighting applications.

This driver comes with the Lumenesk connector but this can be cut off and connected to any other garden lighting in the traditional manner.

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DRV150 - Specifications

  • 150watt 12Volt DC Driver
  • Constant Voltage Type
  • IP67 Lumenesk connector
  • 240volt Flex and Plug
  • IP66 Rated
  • Not Dimmable
  • SAA Approved
  • Maximium 150watt Load
  • Output (12.5amps)
This driver is specifically designed to output 13volts DC instead of the standard 12volts, this helps with voltage drop which occurs on larger garden lighting systems.
This driver comes with 2 output tails and it is best to split the load over these two tails.

It is important to choose the correct driver size, this Driver guide will help you calculate the size driver you will need.... click here.

Our drivers are IP66 weatherpoof and can be be installed out in the weather but it is best not to directly bury the driver.  If you need to bury the driver we suggest you dig a hole and put a paving brick in the bottom of the hole to stop direct contact with wet soil. Then place a plastic box over the driver and bury with sand.  Reticulation plastic boxes are a great solution and are available at any hardware.  It is best that the driver is not in contact with wet or damp soil for extended periods of time.

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