Pixie RGB Strip Controller LT8915RGB/BT

LED Strip controller for colour changing RGB LED Strip, best used with the Pixie Smart APP to set the strip to different colours, make the strip fade or change through different colour changing modes and Dim up and down.  This controller also supports the connection of momentary switches to control the switch via a manual switch.

PIXIE: The SAL Pixie range of products communicate via Bluetooth mesh technology, this means you don't need WIFI to connect your devices.  Using a smart phone or tablet the APP will communicate with all devices in the home via Bluetooth, The Phone or Tablet just need to be within bluetooth range.

If you want to control your devices away from the home or use voice commands you need to purcahse the Pixie Gateway which will connect to your home WIFI and enable control away fromt he home.  When the gateway is connected to the home WIFI it can then be configured to work with Amazon or Google home devices that allow to you activate your lights via voice commands.

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  • Designed for RGB Colour changing LED Strip
  • 12volt Input (requires a 12VDC Driver - sold separately)
  • Input range - 12 - 24VDC
  • Max output for Strip 432watts (6Amps per channel)
  • Driver required to provide 12 or 24VDC , make sure the driver suits the output required.
  • Supports connection of Momentary switch for manual control (Bell Press control)
  • Bluetooth mesh technology
  • Four Flashing modes and optional memory function


For Colour changing LED strip - use the RGB Pixie Smart controller LT8915RGB/BT

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