Pixie Smart Switch (Bluetooth) SWL350BT 350W

The Pixie Smart switch is needed to control your lights via the PIXIE smart APP.  Replace your switches with these smart switches which can operate normally via the push button switch, then connect the device to your smart phone or tablet via the Pixie APP and set schedules, group lights together and set timers.

Thsi smart switch is only capable of ON/OFF operation (no dimming).  It will fit most standard light wall plates and comes with different button covers to match your home switch panels. (suits most brands, however does not cover all designs in the market) 

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  • 240volt Connection
  • Suits most standard switch plates (not Clipsal Saturn)
  • Alternative front buttons to suit Clipsal or HPM switches
  • Not enough room for use with 4 gang switch plates
  • Push ON or Push OFF
  • No Dimming
  • 350watts total maximum load
  • 13watts minimum load
  • Trailing Edge dimmer design
  • Length - 40mm
  • Width - 24mm
  • Overall height - 38mm

Download the Pixie App to allow Bluetooth connection to the smart dimmer.  The Pixie app then allows you to turn the light ON or OFF via your phone.  You can also set a scene, group multiple devices together, set a schedule and set a timer.

Bluetooth control means you have to be within 15m of the device to work.  if you prefer to operate your lights away from the home or with voice activated controls then you need to purchase the Pixie Plus hub which then allows connection to your home wifi.

Included is the box is a capacitor which can operate as a load correction device, this helps when the load of the light is below the 13watt minimum designed into the switch.  For example if your porch light is only a 9watt LED the load capacitor will help because this single light globe will be below the 13watt minimum.  This is not an issue if multiple lights are connected to the one switch,like 4 downlights in a living room.

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