RF LED Dimmer Unit v2 - 288w 12vDC - Remote

This is a dimmer unit that is used to dim 12VDC LED strip.  The receiver unit is wired in between the driver and the LED strip and can be controlled via the remote control.  The dimmer unit can dim the lights from 2% through to 100% brightness throught he use of the dimmer wheel, or the dedicated buttons.  The is controller is only used on single colour strip.  It has a total load of 288watts making it suit many applications.

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  • 12VDC or 24VDC Input
  • IP20 Rated
  • 12v/24VDC dimmed output
  • Total load is 8amps per channel (12v DC = 96watts per channel)
  • Comes with Receiver and remote control handpiece.
  • Dims from 2% to 100%
  • Suits single colour strip only. (No RGB)
  • ON/OFF Button
  • 100% or 2% button - selecting this will jump to the max or min output.
  • Circle selector bar, touch anywhere on this bar to get the desired light level.
  • Dim UP / Dim DOWN Button - Use the buttons to Dim up or Down

The Receiver and Remote are a matched set, you cannot purchahse an extra remote to also connect to the receiver. 

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