SL9709/60TC 25w LED Batten 3K/4K/5K TC

The SL9709 LED Batten light is the perfect replacement for any single and double fluorescent lights you might still have.  They work well in a garage or storeroom, but are also stylish enough for the kitchen or any other workspace.  Fantastic light output, these LED batten lights come in 600mm long lengths or longer 1200mm Long lengths.  

This model is a 600mm Long 25watt Model with colour changing switch, 3oook / 4oook or 5oook you choose.

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SL9709 /60 - Specifications

  • Akuminum backplate painted white
  • Acrylic opal diffuser
  • Plastic end caps
  • 240volt
  • IP20 Rated
  • 25watt LED
  • Colour changing switch located at one end. (under end cap)
  • 3000K warm / 4000K natural / 5000k Cool White
  • 2200 Lumens (3K) , 2600 Lumens (4K), 2400 Lumens (4K)
  • No Dimming
  • Length 613mm
  • Width 120mm 
  • Height 35mm
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