Spinika 3spd Fan Remote control SPNRFR

In stock


  • White Plastic construction
  • Suitable for use with both the 1200mm and 1300mm Spinika ceiling fan from Vent Air
  • Fan Speed Control - 3 settings
  • Fan Off Button
  • Light ON / OF buttons
  • Light Step Dimming Button.
  • Quick Connect terminals
  • Batteries Included
  • Wall cradle included
  • Warranty 1 Year

The Light kits on the spinika fans are step dimmable, this means the light has 4 pre-set dimming options, 100%, 75%, 50% & 25%.

To operate the light, press the Light ON button.  Then press the Step Dim button, each press will dim step the light through the 4 pre-set light levels.

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