Victorian Ash

We custom make timber pendants to set lengths and in the colour timber you require.  This model has been hand crafted out of Victorian ash then polished with a satin varnish.  Recessed into the timber is 2216 LED Strip inside an aluminium extrusion.  At 2m long the 2216 LED strip will provide approx 3000 lumens and draw approx 48watts.  We can use 3000K Warm white or 4000K Natural white LED to your request.

These pendants are custom made so allow 3 weeks for production.

VICTORIAN ASH: This timber is a beautiful light timber that can vary in colour quite a bit, it can be very blonde / yellow or it can feature quite a pink tinge.  It can also feature gum lines which add character to the fitting.  You can request more or less gum lines and we will do our best to find you a piece that suits your requirements. 

Our standard length of this pendant is 2metres long (2000mm) however we can shorten it to any size you wish to better suit your needs.  We can also make longer (up to 2.4m) but best to discuss this with the shop as there are some conditions. 



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Vic ash pend


  • Victorian Ash Timber
  • Low voltage pendant
  • 12VDC Driver is included - Must be installed in roof space
  • 2216 - 12vdc LED Strip
  • 24watts per/m  - Total 48watts
  • Approx 1800 Lumens per meter
  • Not Dimmable (although dimming options can be discussed)
  • 2 x Suspension wires included
  • Timber Profile 60mm (H) x 30mm (W)
  • Timber length approx 2000mm (can vary slightly as this is hand crafted)

The length of this pendant can be varied when constructed, however we usually make thses pendant 2m long as they suit the aluminium extrusion length. We can make up to 2.4m on request, there will however be a slight join in the opal diffuser of the light and this will come at an extra cost.

WARRANTY:  in order for us to carry out warranty repairs on this light the driver must be accessible after installation.  It is not Tilly's lights responsibility if the driver in located in a space that is inaccessible after install. 

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