Wireless Switch 1 Gang White ES2154

Need a wireless switch solution to turn on your lighting? These handy kinetic wireless switches provide you with a switch on the wall without the need for batteries or wiring. Simply stick the switch to the wall, pair it to the receiver in the ceiling and it will switch the light on and off for you remotely.

This is a single gang switch meaning it is a simple ON / OFF switch, this part is for the switch only, a receiver is also needed but is purchased separately.

This switch uses kinetic energy technology which means it never needs a battery, the kinetic motion of the switch action is enough to generate the electical pulse it needs to send the signal to the receiver.... No Batteries 

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  • White Plastic housing
  • Indoor use only
  • ON /OFF Push switch
  • Kinetic Motion technology
  • No need for wiring or batteries
  • Size - 86mm x 86mm
  • Width / Depth - 12mm
  • No Diming options


This product needs to be used with a wireless receiver (sold separately)

The switch will need to be paired to the receiver to operate correctly. Simply hold down the button on the receiver until the internal LED starts to flash. Once flashing press the wireless kinetic switch and the pairing should be complete.  Test that pressing the kinetic switch activates the light ON and OFF.

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